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Design concepts
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read the customers' requirements
  Strengthen the communication with customers to correctly understand their needs and carry out accurate development; focus on technological innovative advantages and keep realizing self-surpassing and strengthening the advantages in technological innovation; to customize the bearings that you need.

Early product planning
  Carefully make PPAP of each product. Adopt Solidworks, CAD and calibration analysis software and computerized simulative manufacture for the whole process of design to guarantee the perfectness of each link, procedure and detail, and represent the design prudence in manufacture.

Seek for process control ahead of time
  PDM system management is used for the development process of product. All-process tracking is used for the designed products, from procurement of raw materials to delivery of finished products to use, implement batch management and "intelligent" manufacture with "filtering" on each level so as to make each product of Jingning has trustworthy quality.

Early preventive measures
  Stand on the view of the customers and carry out analysis on product customer terminal, sufficiently consider possible efficient mode of products and eliminate hidden trouble during the design and strictly control during the manufacture as well as guaranteeing at delivery, so as to eliminate the problem at the start. Make the trademark Jingning shine on each product.

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